Warmer Weather is Here!

I received a notice from Facebook that over 2500 people had not heard from Crossroads for a while.  I’m glad I receive those reminders or it might be longer before anyone hears from us. I don’t mean for it to happen that way, but most often the days go by so quickly that it’s hard to keep up!

We’re getting ready for warmer weather.  What am I talking about!  Warmer weather is already here!  Our biggest concern is keeping the homeless hydrated. Many of the homeless are out in the elements and don’t think about drinking water.  Some drink alcohol and that makes it so much easier to become dehydrated.  We don’t want anyone to die from dehydration but here in the desert it is a real possibility!  You don’t have to be homeless to forget to stay hydrated.  If your lips become chapped, you are most likely needing water.  Sugary drinks do not help that much.  You can help us pass the word that the shelters are cooling off facilities and so is the Crossroads Mission Thrift Store at 550 West 8th Street.  Stop by any of these locales, cool off and get some water.  We’re here to help!  Here are some tips on dehydration and hydration:

Why is Hydration Important?

Most of your body is made up of water, so it is important to maintain a good level of hydration in order to keep your body functioning properly. Water is essential for a variety of processes that keep us healthy, including regulating body temperature, removing toxins through urine, controlling heart rate and blood pressure, protecting organs and tissues, and transporting nutrients and oxygen. Neglecting to replenish your fluids can lead to several short-term and long-term negative health effects.


Dehydration occurs when you do not consume enough water to keep your fluid levels balanced. You lose water from your body every minute just from regular breathing, sweating, or using the restroom. You can be at risk for dehydration even if you are not engaging in vigorous activities.

 Be cautious of these signs and symptoms of dehydration:

  • a dry or sticky mouth or tongue
  • dark-colored urine or a lack of urine
  • dizziness, nausea, headaches
  • dry skin, including chapped lips

 Tips for Staying Hydrated:

  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip it throughout the day.
  • Make it a habit to drink a glass of water after you wake up.
  • Include low-sodium soups in your meals.
  • Be aware of changes in your environment, such as drier climates, that may cause your body to lose more water.
  • Make sure that you are well hydrated before engaging in activities that will cause your body to lose water.

The amount of water a body needs will be different for every person and will depend on that individual’s day-to-day activities and overall lifestyle. Be mindful of how your body functions and any changes you notice, and do not ignore signs of dehydration.

You can find more information at wedmd.com at this link:  https://www.webmd.com/diet/ss/slideshow-diet-dehydration

If you or your club or organization would like to donate bottled water to help Crossroads, please contact Barbara Rochester at 928-580-4482.

God bless you!


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